QI Beauty

Qi Beauty magnetic skin recovery systems stimulate skin topically, to excite cells below the surface and trigger a cascade of skin responses to the stimulation of a Static Magnetic Field.

Qi Beauty guarantees results after just one treatment. Qi Beauty can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs depending on age, skin damage and desired outcomes. Qi Beauty Home kit is a retail product that is available to everyone who would like to stimulate skin to activate healing response for skin health and recovery. The Home Kit is recommended to maintain results between facial treatments and sustain life-long skin health recovery.

Change The Way You Think About Ageing

Qi Beauty  used for:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Skin tone, overall complexion, uneven tone, skin brightening.
  • Enhancing natural volume for cheeks, corner of the eye, lips, top lip, chin
  • Increasing energy of skin for a more vibrant and healthy appearance
  • Reducing redness, inflammation, heat and skin irritations
  • Assisting in scar healing and scar recovery(p to 4 days post-op)
  • Assisting recovery of damaged skin post microdermabrasion, cosmetic procedures and some medications
  • Qi Beauty improves the environment for the skin microbiome to e

Is Qi Beauty Natural

Working with the face from a wholistic perspective means every contour and feature is considered during every treatment. Magnetic gradients allow us to manipulate facial volume to where it needs to be by lifting, sculpting and creating volume below the surface for a natural and healthy appearance.  Qi Beauty is completely needle-free, pain-free, and is safe for 

How does Qi Beauty work?

The greatest sign of skin deficiencies - is aging - loss of energy. Qi Beauty stimulates skin to oxygenate and energise. ATP cells are powered by oxygen and energy. Qi Beauty works on the surface of skin using GAUSS SPECIFIC GOLD PLATED MICRO-STIMULATORS to create CONTROLLED MAGNETIC GRADIENTS that function below the surface to power and restore homeostasis to skin deficiencies.

Why are the Magnets Gold Plated?

Qi Beauty gauss specific micro-stimulators are plated 24ct gold and designed specifically for achieving skin lift and pro-health results. Gold Particle Alchemy assists with healthy skin pH and is known to be brightening for skin. After one use, Qi Beauty micro-stimulators are noticeably tarnished, as the power of the magnet and the gold is spent on skin.